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Get the Book On This Page for USD $5 and…

I’ll Show You How I Used One Simple USP to Automate Real Estate Agents' Appointments and Consistently Get Closings.

Get The Property Agent Secrets Book Today and Discover How I Used a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to Sell $132 Million in Real Estate for My Agent Clients in Just 36.5 Months Without Any Manual Labor.

Dear Real Estate Agent,
Yasser Khan
I Help Agents Scale Quickly | Over $132,000,000 in Real Estate Sold Over the Past 36.5 Months
My name is Yasser Khan and in my book, Property Agent Secrets

… I’d like to show you how I replaced almost all of my marketing with a simple USP that can take any real estate agent as little as 1 day to write

If you deal in real estate for a living…

...and have to sell your services in a saturated market full of competition.
If you love to help others and solve people's housing needs and you’re ready to simplify your marketing…

If you’re ready to scale your business to $100k/month or more in revenue…

Or if you’re tired of rising ad costs and increasing complexity in your real estate agent business…

… I can show you how I use this method to scale to 7+ figures/year and beyond with less work, less complexity, and more consistently.

And the KEY to doing that is with a simple Unique Selling Proposition.

So first, let me define what a 'USP' is in the context of real estate (and why it's mission-critical that you not only get one, but plaster it everywhere.) A Unique Selling Proposition answers your prospects' Number One question:

"Why should I do business with you above all other options, including doing nothing or whatever I'm doing now?"

Your USP tells the world who you are and specifically what you do:
  • It articulates clearly and concisely what benefit (or benefits) a prospect will derive from doing business with you
  • Your USP is quite basically the essence of your entire business concept - that unique advantage that distinguishes your business from all your competitors
  • You should be able to articulate your USP clearly in 60 seconds or less 
Astonishingly most agents couldn't begin to clearly explain their USP at all
And it goes without saying that if you can't articulate it, it's highly unlikely that your customers and prospects will be able to understand it. 

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your USP is simply an "advertising" or a “marketing” issue. While the way you define your USP will ultimately impact your marketing efforts, you shouldn't view your USP narrowly as simply a headline you use on top of your ads.

In reality, it's a much larger Business issue. Your USP sets the strategic direction for your business. It helps you define where your business is going and what you stand for.

Every day you will be in contact with prospective clients. Your USP should underlie your conversationswith these people to help turn them into clients.
It's perfectly alright if you cannot answer this question right now. At first, not even I could. I created my first two Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) in 2009. Since then, I’ve perfected the process of:
  • Using USPs to rapidly grow a list of verified addresses of investors, homeowners and home buyers and acquire new customers…
  • Using USPs to replace less effective marketing methods (like cold DM, open houses, doing showflat duty and giving away free lead magnets)...
  • Using USPs to sell any type of real estate, anywhere in the world…
  • Using USPs to improve sales conversations and attract more “dream clients” to my (and my clients') real estate agent business...
  • And using USPs to help cover marketing costs and quickly scale my real estate agent clients' businesses.
Inside The Property Agent Secrets Book, I’ll share with you the exact process I use to quickly write a USP that can grow almost any real estate agent's business, how I sell the USP at net zero in advertising costs, and how I use the USP to help my team and real estate agent clients regularly sell 100-150 homes per year. 

Are You Ready to See How I Turned a Simple USP Into a 7-Figure Business?

If you’re ready to discover how I use USPs to grow real estate businesses to 7 figures and beyond, get your copy of Property Agent Secrets today for just USD $5 and discover how I…
  • Sell 100-150 Homes Per Year in your business at net zero cost per acquisition (i.e. at breakeven on ad spend) or better…
  • Turn strangers into signed contracts without giving away stuff for free, sitting in open houses, doing showflat duty, or spending a ton of time doing cold prospecting like cold calling, door knocking, cold DMs, cold texts…
  • How to beat online listing portals at their own game by building your own listing funnels (no tech skills required)
  • ​How to never deal with ghosting again
  • How to Plan, Write, and Produce a USP from Start to Finish – even if you’re not a writer (spoiler: You don’t even have to write the USP yourself…)
  • ​“Sell without Selling” and Close 85% of your Bookings and Appointments without needing high-pressure sales tactics or sleazy “bro marketing”...
  • ​1 “Set-and-Forget” USP, 1 Funnel, and Scale to $100k/month – My proven framework for building a $100k/month real estate business by doing far less…
  • How I use USPs to create a “passive” business that DOESN’T rely on you doing everything to keep it running…
  • A complete list of everything required to get a USP live, out in the world, and selling so that you can bring in more prospects who are pre-sold on your listings and real estate services.
… And a lot more!

This Book is a MUST READ for…

  • Those thinking of becoming Real Estate Agents; Once you get your license, this will be the paybook and mentoring you need to build and grow your new career the right way by copying the successes of those who succeeded... 
  • Part Time Agents; this book will teach you how to double your income fast, say goodbye to that job and live life on your terms without a boss...
  • Full Time Agents; this book will hold you by the hands step-by-step and show you the path to earn a Rewarding Income (and the Respect) doing what you love!
  • ​Experienced Real Estate Veterans who would like to become the go-to figure in their market without spending years trying to “get their name out there”; this book will show what's holding you back, demonstrate what you need to do for a breakthrough year and attain Top Producer status quickly...
  • Top Producers who want to sustain their success; This book will teach you how to hire Team Members and go on to dominate your Marketplace without all of the headaches that come with managing People and without your direct involvement, while taking lengthy holidays away with your loved ones!


“I choose who I want to work with.”


Fast and Furious!!”


“Secured appointment!”


“Automate my Business


Bought his book straight away!”


Singapore Real Estate Agency CEO: Ismail Gafoor


“Benefited A LOT from this book...”


“He GETS it!”


Ready to Get My Entire Process For Using a Simple USP to Build a 7-Figure Real Estate Agent Business?

The price of Property Agent Secrets is a one-time payment of just USD $5.

Your digital copy of Property Agent Secrets will be delivered to your inbox right away so you can start discovering how I use USPs to scale your real estate business faster and more predictably than any other method I’ve tried or tested.

Inside Property Agent Secrets, you’ll get access to over 14+ years of experience, lessons, and insights from testing, tweaking, and scaling real estate businesses. 

Your purchase today also includes the 7 bonuses.

I know this seems like information overload, but I’ve done my best to organize Property Agent Secrets so you’ll be able to immediately gain new insights you can rapidly deploy…

... while having a clear blueprint you can follow to create and launch your own USP asset to bring in high volumes of bookings and appointments and quickly turn them into paying, repeat clients.

To make sure you have everything needed to understand and implement Property Agent Secrets on your own, I’m also including the 7 bonuses listed below at NO COST with your order today.

These bonus courses and workshops are designed to fully complement what you’ll learn inside Property Agent Secrets.

Get Your Copy Right Now for Just USD $5

And Get All of These Bonuses For FREE…

Bonus #1:

​8 Underrated Universal Business Principles

Here’s What the Top 1% of All Agents Know (That Everyone Else Ignores) and How You Can Use That In Your Favor to Build & OWN Your USP!
Do you also want to know what top producing agents know that is highly underrated (by everyone else) and how this affects the way top agents are using USPs in their marketing?

In this ​8 Universal Business Principles Training, I’ll show you what the Top 1% of Agents know (which greatly impacts their USP creation) and how you too can short-circuit that for rapid new customer acquisition in your business.

We’ll look at today's real estate realities and proceed to dissect the current landscape so you can understand what makes a successful real estate agent and their USP tick, how to give jaded prospects more of what they're looking for and then taking the exact steps for you to rapidly build up your own USP that fits YOU (so that other agents can't copy it).

You’ll see how our method compares to other “property marketing” out there so you can determine if our USP asset model is the best fit for your goals.

Bonus #2:

1 Deal Per Day With 1 USP

How We Turn Prospects into Signed Contracts Daily Using a Short USP and Simple Follow-Up
Inside this bonus training, 1 Deal Per Day With 1 USP, you’ll discover the process I use to turn home buyer seller prospects into exclusive contracts.

Using a USP to sell a listing or real estate services is a completely different process than you might be used to seeing.
In this training, you’ll get a better understanding of how strangers interact with your USP and your follow-up marketing messages.

You’ll discover how using a USP differs from cold prospecting, giving away lead magnets, doing showflat duty or sitting in open houses…

... and I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process I use to turn prospects into paying clients without using pushy, desperate-feeling sales tactics, all without you getting ghosted by anyone.

Here’s the best part: You don’t even need a USP to apply these principles into your marketing immediately.

As long as you’re licensed and you’re selling it (not giving it away for free)... you can swipe the exact pathway I use to turn strangers into clients.

Bonus #3:

Just 3 USPs to 7-Figures

Discover the 3 Types of USPs That Help Real Estate Agents Consistently Get to 7-Figures
The next bonus training you’ll receive when you purchase Property Agent Secrets is my 3 USPs to 7-Figures Incomes Workshop.

In this workshop you’ll discover the 3 types of USPs every agent business should have, especially if you work with home buyers, investors and homeowners.

This 3-USP framework is how I consistently take $10k/month and $20k/month real estate agents to consistent $100k and $200k months. 

Discover how these 3 USP types work together, where a USP asset fits in the mix, and dive deep into the “offer math,” revenue expectations I’ve developed over 14+ years of using USPs to get clients. 

While it is possible to build a real estate business around a single, core USP and acquire clients through other methods, this workshop will illustrate why a single-USP model can only lead to more work, more inconsistency, and more stress.

With 3 USP types in place, you can enjoy more profit much more predictability…

... plus, your success will be much less reliant on cold traffic acquisitions (and the whims of advertising platforms or online listing portals).

Get this 3-USPs framework, use it with the USP method you’re about to discover, or deploy it in your existing business for consistent, predictable profits.

Bonus #4:

Automatic Reverse Prospecting Workshop

Use This Mechanism to Attract More Clients and Pre-Sell Them On Your Listings Before They Even Read Your USP
Chapter 10 of Property Agent Secrets Book explains how to turn the traditional game of prospecting upside down on its head and never have to chase prospects.

“Reverse Prospecting” is a new framework you can use to attract higher quality bookings and appointments to your business and convert them into signed contracts... without begging others or sounding desperate.

In this bonus workshop, you’ll join me for a step-by-step over the shoulder breakdown of Reverse Prospecting, how it works, and how to properly set it up for yourself.

Have you ever observed how shoppers rush to “flash sales” and you’ve wondered:“Ok, but how do I get people to chase me too?”

This workshop will show you how.

Use it with your USP to embed “Reverse Prospecting” into your existing listings or real estate services to help boost conversion rates and attract more of your ideal property prospects.

The Reverse Prospecting Workshop and my 'SOLD' formula is included when you order Property Agent Secrets Book.

Bonus #5:

1-Day USP Writing Challenge

Follow This Unusual Framework to Complete a USP and Start Using It as an Asset in Just 1 Day (or Less)
Ready to see how even non-techie agents who have never written more than a 1000-word blog post are planning, writing, editing, and publishing a simple USP in just 1 day?

It’s not by spending 2 full weeks chained to a desk behind the keyboard, that’s for sure!

During this bonus challenge, I’ll guide you step-by-step through an unusual but highly effective USP generation process that requires little actual writing skill.

Discover how to give what prospects want, how to under promise but always over deliver, and how to make guarantees that go far beyond what even the most prolific “Top Producers” are capable of.

And no, this is not accomplished by hiring someone else to write your USP (although you can do that if you want to, but it won’t be as fast as doing it yourself using this 1-day challenge method).

Bonus #6:

Real Estate Marketing & Closing Mastery

This “Backwards” Sales System is How We Effortlessly Close 60% - 85% of All Sales Conversations (Without “Selling”)
If you sell listings or your real estate services on the phone or with 1:1 conversations and you're looking to close more of the prospects you talk to, don’t miss this 4-part bonus training.

In this course, you'll discover the 4-part system we use to close 60% - 85% of our sales conversations.

See why having a non-sales mindset is actually better than always pushing people to get a close…

Discover the sales framework we’ve developed and borrow it for your listing or deploy it with your investors or home buyers…

Better understand the features and benefits of your listings…

Learn the methods we use to find objections and questions that prospects might have without being pushy or “over the top…”

And swipe the follow up strategies we used to close sales conversations without acting like typical “real estate agents.”

Borrow our relaxed approach to sales and apply it to your agent business, and your prospects will appreciate the unorthodox ethical selling strategies we've created to close more home buyers, investors and sellers.

Bonus #7:

Get the FREE Audiobook

The 10 Hour Audiobook Is Included When You Order Your Copy of Property Agent Secrets
Prefer listening to your books?
Order now and I'll include my almost-10-hour personally-narrated audiobook version of Property Agent Secrets Book for free.
Audio files are delivered on SoundCloud so you can listen on any device. Instructions included to make enjoying the book easy.
Get the Audiobook and Listen to Property Agent Secrets  Book on Any Device…
Included at NO COST with your order.

The Property Agent Secrets Book is available for a one-time payment of just USD $5. When you order today, you’ll get an immediate digital download plus all 7 of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy today and get the exact method I’ve used to consistently add new clients and predictably get higher volumes of bookings and appointments for our real estate agents' listings and services.

Are You Ready to See How I Use Simple USPs to Grow Struggling Real Estate Businesses to $100k/month and Beyond?

If you’re ready to try the method we use to rapidly acquire new customers and clients while more than covering traffic costs…

Turning brand new prospects into exclusive, signed contracts…

While educating those who need your help the most and delivering value they genuinely appreciate…

Rapidly building your authority and trust...

... and eliminating the unpredictability of marketing systems or listing portals that can be inconsistent, expensive, time consuming or self-serving...

My latest book, Property Agent Secrets, will show you exactly how I simplified my real estate agent clients' marketing with a simple USP (along with dozens of lessons I learned along the way for creating winning USPs and getting bookings, appointments and clients for my real estate agents). 

Get The Property Agent Secrets Book + All 7 Bonuses

For Just USD $5

  • A Digital Copy of Property Agent Secrets Book
  • ​​​8 Universal Business Principles
  • 1 Deal Per Day Training
  • 3 USPs to 7-Figure Incomes Workshop
  • ​Automatic Reverse Prospecting Workshop
  • ​1 Day USP Writing Challenge
  • ​Sales Mastery: 85% Close Rate System
  • 10-Hour Audiobook

Get Everything Above Today for

Just USD $5

You’ll receive Property Agent Secrets digital book, the 10 hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your kindle e-reader & an EPUB file for your iPad or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

Don’t Take My Word for It!
Here’s What Real Estate Agents Are Saying About The Property Agent Secrets Book.


"SOLD S$8M Landed House in just 14 DAYS!"

Full Timer - Tommy Teo (OrangeTee)


"CLOSED 1 Deal online with a total stranger in Just 6 HOURS Flat!" Top Producer - Raama Subramaniyan 

"SIGNED 7 Exclusives in just 7 DAYS!
Full Timer - William Chew (PropNex)


"SOLD 3 Private Homes in 5 DAYS!"

Seasoned Veteran - Fred Teo (KF)


"...SOLD Houses Without Hiring a Large TEAM..."

Top Producer - Mohamed Alman (PropNex)

"...Got FLOODED with more Leads and Appointments than I could handle..." Full Timer - Mani Raja (ERA)

Get The Property Agent Secrets Book + All 7 Bonuses

For Just USD $5

  • A Digital Copy of Property Agent Secrets Book
  • ​​​​8 Universal Business Principles
  • 1 Deal Per Day Training
  • 3 USPs to 7-Figure Incomes Workshop
  • ​Automatic Reverse Prospecting Workshop
  • ​1 Day USP Writing Challenge
  • ​Sales Mastery: 85% Close Rate System
  • 10-Hour Audiobook

Get Everything Above Today for

Just USD $5

You’ll receive The Property Agent Secrets digital book, the 10 hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your kindle e-reader & an EPUB file for your iPad or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

No Questions Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s My Promise...

Here’s a simple promise:

The Property Agent Secrets Book will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for ANY reason…

... just let my team know with a quick email to and we’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.

This is a one-year money-back guarantee!

Get The Property Agent Secrets Book + All 7 Bonuses

For Just USD $5

  • A Digital Copy of Property Agent Secrets Book
  • ​​​8 Universal Business Principles
  • 1 Deal Per Day Training
  • 3 USPs to 7-Figure Incomes Workshop
  • Automatic Reverse Prospecting Workshop
  • ​1 Day USP Writing Challenge
  • ​Sales Mastery: 85% Close Rate System
  • 10-Hour Audiobook

Get Everything Above Today for

Just USD $5

You’ll receive The Property Agent Secrets digital book, the 10 hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your kindle e-reader & an EPUB file for your iPad or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

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